Fundial. S.L. Refinery installationsFUNDIAL, S.L. is an aluminium refinery with a clear environmental aim, both in production policy as in internal management.

The main activity is manufacturing second fusion aluminium alloys using fist quality raw material, an activity guaranteed by the Full Environmental Authorisation AAI-00155 granted by the Environmental department of the Basque Regional Government.

To minimise environmental impacts, we maintain the following practices:


  • Closed circuit recycling of the process water.
  • Use of natural gas as fuel, being the cleanest possible fuel, that way minimising atmospheric emissions.
  • The correct segregation and management of residues.
  • Inspection and control at reception of raw materials, with the aim of avoiding the input and later fusion of dangerous or unwanted materials in the production process.
  • Correct maintenance of the purifying system before the outlet of scurry and sanitation water.
  • The aspiration and later filtering of air, gases and smoke produced during diverse alloy operations in fusion and aluminium refinery kilns, that way reaching an emission level to the atmosphere much lower than that established by the legislation.




Fundial has obtained certification from LRQA Ltd. for its complete quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards.

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